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Pale Horse Group (PHG)


About us


PHG was formed in 2009 by six airsofters looking to bring their contacts, skills and ideas together for the common purpose of having fun and playing airsoft.  The original six got together and established a team name, concept and goals that would later become a foundation for a structured and sound airsoft team.  PHG is head quartered in the South West and Bay area of Florida.  As such we adhere to the rules and standards of Florida Airsoft (FA) which is the established local governing body.

PHG has no off the field leader.  We operate as a council where every member get’s a single vote on everything we do. Voting can be done at official team meeting or by electronic vote (E-vote) via email. We also incorporate a running point system we uses to determine on the field leadership and to settle ties that occur in voting, and to establish eligibility for officer positions.  Once a member has achieved points equivalent to the rank of Sergeant they are eligible to be voted on for Captain or 1st Lieutenant.  The Captain and Lieutenant will control on the field leadership and mange the team, but the entire team will still vote all for major endeavors.  Any team member may challenge a leaders decision and call for a team vote on any issue they deem to be important enough to call a vote. 

PHG has assigned additional responsibilities to some of the members in order to deal with day-to-day admin.  We currently have two (2)  “officer” positions, but other positions may become necessary as the team evolves.

PHG would like to take the opportunity to use this game that we love to help society. We think, in the future we should see what we can do at least bring awareness to some charities in the area or participate on a national basis. We will explore any and all way of supporting our troops and vet's. Those fighting men and women are the reason we are able to participate in this great sport. We must support them on and off the field. PHG above is committed to playing the game of airsoft in honorable way. As a team, we are committed to teamwork, fellowship, supporting our troops and vet's, and above all have fun out there.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield.

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